Cards STOLEN! Important Reception DETAIL Most Brides Forget!

Don't get your cards STOLEN from the Reception! Get a SECURE Card Box or NOT HAVE AT ALL.

I read one post from another wedding website regarding a reception venue located in New Jersey. Some of the newly wed's cards/gift cards were stolen from their card box at their reception. Stolen!

This is an important reception DETAIL brides always forget. If you plan to have one or use one, make sure it's SECURE or do not have one at all! Some brides say that the card box should be placed at the Head table...the more reason your card box should be neat and presentable and should complement your wedding decor.

The Wedding Main St.'s HAUTE COUTURE designs are not just simply safe, they're PERFECTLY ELEGANT ! That's a bonus, our card boxes will secure your cards! Unless the stealer plans to steal the whole thing and carry it out of the reception in view of all the guests, your cards will be safe.

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