Our 2010 Collection New Designs Guest Book , Ring Bearer Ring Holder

As we welcome 2010, we've come up with new design ideas. We would like you to preview our new collection of wedding guest book & pen set, flower girl basket and our new and "think outside the box" {literally} ring bearer ring holder.

This set highlights the ring holder box with a " i Do " monogrammed tag that we came up as a modern and chic alternative to the traditional ring pillow. True to our trademark, as the leading brand of wedding card boxes, we got inspired of our elegant card boxes and centerpieces that we wanted our products complement a whole wedding theme.

Why not? Where does engagement start with? With a diamond studded ring from a box right! So what better way to have your wedding bands carried through the aisle on a ring holder box. We don't know where and when the tradition of having the wedding rings placed on a pillow started. But one thing we know, this ring holder box started from us! We're are pretty sure that these ring holder boxes we'll be one of the conversation piece of 2010 weddings - including yours and popular wedding blogs.

Our labeled wedding products are all handcrafted in the USA.
:: Elegance with Perfection - Our Commitment

These wedding products are now available and exclusively sold only on our website theweddingmainst.com.

Request of other colors are welcome. We customize.

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